15 april 2016

Koffijberg 40th anniversary

Amsterdam, April 2016 – This year, Koffijberg celebrates its 40th anniversary.This inspired Kimm to launch one, comprehensive ‘Tribute Collection 2016’, rather than two separate collections.The first part of the collection is released in Spring, the second part in Fall.      WATCH THE MOVIE

The Tribute Collection honors ‘Forty years of Koffijberg’. The most iconic looks created by Kimm and Richard Koffijberg over the past decades have been translated into beautiful and wearable hairstyles anno 2016.  

Richard and Kimm were inspired and trained following the principles of Vidal Sassoon, the founder of contemporary hair cutting techniques. Kimm’s current collection resembles the past collections in its consistent focus on the hair (rather than the ‘noise’ surrounding it), on constant innovation, and wearable styles. 

High technical standards, craftsmanship, and constant innovation are the roots Kimm builds on, both in this Tribute Collection and as a modern trendsetter.

In addition, the collection refers to the ‘I-dentity’ concept, which Kimm recently developed and which takes hair color, hairstyle, and makeup advice to the next level. I-dentity goes beyond facial shape or skin color, and even beyond the latest trends. According to Kimm, hairstyle and makeup need to broadly emphasize your identity and lifestyle. “What do you need?”, “what do you want say with your look?”, “what do you want to show?”




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